"Without Landmate we would not have been able to get this project up… Their work ethic in doing the job was brilliant.”

Stewart Day, farmer, Moyhu
Greta Valley Landcare project


Video transcript

Video: Transcript: Our clients

Length: 1.37

Transcript begins:

Title: Our clients talk about their experience working with Landmate crews

(Audio: guitar music)

Description: Sally Day (Greta Valley Landcare Group) and Stewart Day (landowner) stand on in front of a ute on Stewart’s property in the Greta Valley discussing Landmate.

Sally: We did, like, two-and-a-half kilometres of fencing on Stewart’s place and planted over 1300 trees.

Description: aerial view of paddocks showing trees.

Stewart: Without these people we would not have been able to get this project up.

Description: video cuts back to Sally and Stewart.

Stewart continues: To have done this just as a lone farmer was near on impossible to achieve the results that we got.

Description: aerial view of paddocks showing trees.

Stewart continues: It was a pleasure to have them out here and their work ethic in doing the job was brilliant.

Description: Tim Hill (landowner) stands in front of the predator proof fence at the Tiverton property.

Tim: The Landmate crew’s participation in this project, we would not be anywhere near as advanced as we are.

Description: Views of the electrified fence and gates.

Tim continues: I’ve had consistent support from the Landmate crews to erect this fence.

Description: video cuts back to Tim.

Tim continues: Their contribution has been invaluable. It just couldn’t’ happen without them.

Description: Heather Fagg (landowner) stands in front of a tree plantation at Woady Yalock.

Heather: We continue to try and plant at least 1000 trees a year, using Landmate primarily to help us plant.

Description: views of advanced and new plantation strips of trees.

Heather continues: The quality of their work has been fantastic. We get very few misses…

Description:  video cuts back to Heather.

Heather continues: …and we get such good results that we couldn’t endorse them enough.

Description: video cuts back to Sally Day and Stewart Day in the Greta Valley.

Stewart: I was very pleased that you were able to find such good boys to come out and give us a hand and I’m glad that we’re able to help a little bit with their rehabilitation into society.

Description: video cuts to Tim Hill in Tiverton.

Tim: It’s been really satisfying for me to see them commit themselves to work diligently and conscientiously on this project, and take pride in what they’re doing.

Description: Still shot of four Landmate crew members and a Landmate crew leader working on the Tiverton fence. Video cuts back to Tim.

Tim continues: And if that helps them in rebuilding their lives, their self-esteem and their capacity to return to the community and rebuild their lives generally then I’m all for it.

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