Including Landmate in your grant applications for an environmental project can help to increase the value your project provides to the community, by adding social value and assisting delivery of the project in a timely manner.

As well as contributing to vital environmental projects around Victoria, the Landmate program offers prisoners the opportunity to develop useful skills and contribute to the community, which can assist with their rehabilitation. Through reparation, prisoners also get the opportunity to give back to the community by giving efforts of labour on projects.

Involvement in the Landmate program provides participants with the experience of working proactively on environmental issues, which can help them to make a more positive contribution on their return to society.

In addition, organisations conducting environmental work are often stretched for time and volunteer resources. Landmate provides labour options that increase the chance of a project being successfully completed in a reasonable time frame.

This means that your application can show that your project will offer extra social benefits the reality of completion that may make it more attractive to organisations that assess grants.




If you have questions about how best to include Landmate participation in your grant application, please contact us on 1300 365 500.



Native animal sanctuary at Tiverton

Landmate has helped to fence a 1000 hectare refuge in one of the last areas of native grassland on the Victorian volcanic plain.