In general, your project must have been approved by an eligible organisation for a grant before Landmate can provide services.

Landmate does not award grants or assess the suitability of projects for grants. You can find information about applying for grants from government and other organisations.

Landmate partnerships

Services are provided via five different types of partnerships:

Partnership 1 (Current DELWP grant projects)

Projects that have a current grant from the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) can be provided with labour at no cost prior to the expiry date of completion of the grant project.

Partnership 2 (Previous DELWP grant projects)

Projects that have been funded by a DELWP grant can be provided with labour for follow up work at no cost for up to 3 days/financial year for up to 3 years after the expiry date.

Partnership 3 (Landcare and public land projects)

Projects which involve work on land managed by environmental public land managers such as “Friends of the Park” or Landcare groups can be provided with labour at no cost for up to 3 days/year.

Partnership 4 (Disaster recovery works)

Works which are managed by organisations on public and private land as part of recovery from natural disasters can be provided with labour at no cost (some exceptions apply).

Partnership 5 (Government-funded projects)

Projects which are funded by a government organisation (federal, state or local) other than DELWP on public and private lands at a cost of $450/day plus GST.

Already have a grant?

If your project has already been awarded a grant, you can request a Landmate crew by filling out the application form.


Landmate coordinator and two Greta Valley Landcare members standing next to a fence in a paddock.

Greta Valley Landcare

Landmate Beechworth and the Greta Valley Landcare Group - read about projects completed by a partnership that works for their local community.

Bushfire recovery works in Western Victoria

In 2015, Landmate crews worked to help Moyston farmers (External link) to recover from bushfire, clearing burnt vegetation and replace damaged fencing.