Plan for the future

Some projects require ongoing maintenance to strengthen the long term viability and effect of the project ie repairing fence lines, replanting lost trees, clearing regrowth of woody weeds or water trees through summers, these examples all make sure the projects deliver the most benefit to the environment and the community.

Planning for the future is a vital part of any project, helping to make sure that the valuable planning, time and efforts invested continue to provide benefits into the future.

For eligible projects (see below) Landmate can offer follow-up labour for a number of years at no cost.  

Partnership 2: projects funded by DELWP

Projects that have been funded by a grant from the Department of the Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) can be provided with labour for follow up work at no cost for up to 3 days each financial year for up to 3 years after the grant expiry date.

We encourage project owners to plan ahead and consider how Landmate can help to maintain or build on initial works in order to gain the greatest value from your grant funding.

Partnership 3: Landcare and public land projects

Projects which involve work on public land managed by an environmental public land manager such as Landcare may be eligible for labour at no cost for up to 3 days each financial year.

To partner with Landmate for your project, please submit an application form or contact your local Landmate site.

Including Landmate in grant applications

If you’re looking for new funds to build on previous work, find out how you can include Landmate in your grant applications.