Landmate can provide low cost labour for eligible environmental projects in some parts of regional Victoria.

Types of work 

Types of work Landmate can do include:

  • fencing
  • tree planting, watering and guarding
  • noxious weed control with hand removal and herbicide application of woody weeds
  • vermin control such as fumigation of rabbit warrens
  • erosion reduction
  • general land reclamation and improvement activities.

Landmate Crew leader and crew working on a mesh fence at Tiverton, Victoria

Locations we work

Landmate is available in regional Victoria within 100km of the following sites:

  • Beechworth Correctional Centre (Beechworth)
  • Dhurringile Prison (Murchison)
  • Loddon Middleton Prison (Castlemaine)
  • Langi Kal Kal Prison (Beaufort)
  • Hopkins Correctional Centre (Ararat).

Restrictions on sites

Landmate is a highly successful program that has been providing labour for environmental projects throughout Victoria for 25 years. As part of giving prisoners the opportunity to develop skills and contribute to the community, a rigorous risk assessment process is conducted for each project a Landmate crew works on.

Certain sites, such as those close to schools, may not be suitable for prisoners to work near - or works may need to be scheduled during periods such as school holidays.


If you're not sure about whether Landmate can help with your project, please get in contact.

Email: (External link) 

Phone: 1300 365 500