An important part of planning your project is estimating how much time and labour it will need. However, we know that every project and worksite is unique. If you are considering including Landmate in your grant application or have your grant and are getting ready to request a crew, we encourage you to get in contact with Landmate so that we can assist.

Below is an approximate guide for two of the key tasks we do -  tree planting and fencing.

Tree planting

Landmate crews can plant roughly between 150 to 800 trees a day. If your project includes tree planting on:

  • a flat well-prepared site (cleared of obstructions) with good access, soft soil and simple to apply or no guarding, estimate 700-800 trees per day
  • a steep well-prepared site, estimate around 600 trees per day
  • a challenging site (steep, undulating with poor access and/or hard ground) estimate 150-200 trees.


The length of fencing a Landmate crew can very much depends upon your site and the type of fencing being installed. As a guide:

  • on a well-cleared, site with easy access and end-assemblies for the fencing in place, a Landmate crew can install approximately 800 to 1000 metres of fencing per day
  • on steep, well-prepared land, estimate around 500 metres per day
  • on a challenging site with steep, undulating hard ground and/or poor access, the amount of fencing able to be installed in a day may be reduced to 50-100 metres.

Need help?

Landmate can provide estimates of how many days the work on your project may take.

Email on (External link) or call on 1300 365 500.


Aerial view of a tree plantation at Woady Yallock with established and new planted saplings.

Ten years of tree planting at Woady Yalock

Landmate has assisted with tree plantations to help protect stock and improve pastures.