Landmate works with eligible organisations

Landmate works in partnership with eligible organisations to provide low cost labour on environmental projects in some parts of regional Victoria.

Crews are available to:

  • work on environmental projects on public land, such as State and National Parks, roadside reserves and along Victoria’s waterways
  • work for organisations that coordinate the use of funds from grant programs to enable landholders to undertake works on private land which provide benefits to the public
  • provide labour to organisations managing recovery works following natural disasters on public and private land (some exceptions apply).

In general, your project must have been approved by an eligible organisation for a grant before Landmate can provide services.

If your project has been awarded a grant you can find out more about organising a crew and the grant information you'll need to have on hand.

What we don't do

  • Landmate does not award grants or assess the suitability of projects for grants. You can find information about applying for grants from government and other organisations.
  • Landmate does not provide services directly to private landowners. Projects eligible for grants and disaster recovery works must be managed by an eligible organisation.

If you’re unsure whether the organisation that has funded your project is eligible, please contact Landmate.


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