Landmate crews travel with many of their own tools and equipment to deliver services. However, Landmate does not supply any materials for projects; this is the responsibility of the project owners.

If it is likely that works will require particular equipment to make work more efficient, for example, a picket lifter, picket driver, wire genie, back pack sprayer, please let Landmate know.

By ensuring that all tools and materials are available at the worksite and laid out appropriately, you will maximise the amount of work crews can perform.

For example, for fencing works, end assemblies must be in position and the length of fence line to be erected must be clear of any obstructions, including vegetation. Because the erection of end assemblies requires specific equipment, they must be installed by the project owner prior to the commencement of fencing projects.


Our gear

You can review Landmate's standard equipment list, to check the gear our crews are generally able to provide.



If you have any questions about what you might need, please get in contact to discuss your project.