Landmate has supported the largest wetlands restoration project in the Southern Hemisphere.

Winton Swamp was flooded in 1971 to create Lake Mokoan. The lake was decommissioned and drained in 2010 and the Winton Wetlands Committee of Management was charged with restoring the site to healthy, thriving wetlands.


Arial view of a portion of the shore and small island of the Winton Wetlands

The Winton Wetlands:

  • offers the community access to recreation activities
  • protects and promotes the reintroduction of threatened native species
  • contains hundreds of indigenous cultural heritage sites within wetlands area.

Landmate Beechworth has been involved in the wetlands renewal since January 2016 for a variety of short term land management tasks including tree planting and maintenance or regeneration areas, fencing, road repairs, rabbit control, weed control, woodwork and painting.

The team was the Minister’s Award Winner in the 2016 Community Work Partnership Awards for their work on the project.

“The effectiveness and efficiency of the team working on the site has resulted in many healthy and aesthetic improvements throughout the reserve.”

Senior Ranger David Malone
Winton Wetlands Committee of Management