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Video transcript – Greta Valley

Length: 2:30

Greta Valley Landcare group

A threatened species protection initiative – Community volunteer action grant

Funded by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Transcript begins:

Description: Sally Day (Greta Valley Landcare Group) and Stewart Day (landowner) stand on in front of a ute on Stewart’s property in the Greta Valley discussing Landmate.

Sally: I’m Sally Day. I’m the project officer for the Greta Valley Landcare Group and we’re here to day with Stewart Day from Moyhu, who is one of our landholders who we’ve done a bit of work within the past 12 months.

We’ve used the Landmate crews on two different projects in 2017, out of the Beechworth centre. And we’ve been wrapped to have those teams on board. They’ve helped us out with scattered paddock tree project and also a threatened species project, linking a woodland with gliders and threatened woodland birds, down to one of our local creeks – the Boggy Creek.

So I just wanted to ask Stew how you felt about have the Landmate team on his property and how they helped you with your work.

Stewart: Well Sally, I’d like to thank you for a start for being able to source the crew for us, because without these people we would not have been able to get this project up.

To have done this just as a lone farmer was near on impossible to achieve the results that we got. So I was very pleased you were able to find such good boys to come out and give us a hand and I’m glad that we’re able to help a little bit with their rehabilitation into society.

Description: aerial view of paddocks showing trees.

Sally: We did, like, two-and-a-half kilometres of fencing on Stewart’s place and planted over 1300 trees, so the crews were here for five days.

Stewart: They were here for a good five days.

Description: video cuts back to Sally and Stewart.

Stewart continues: They enjoyed their time here. They enjoyed the cake that my wife backed for them every day. So it was a pleasure to have them out here. I think they really enjoyed their time, and their work ethic in doing the job was brilliant.

Sally: I think as a Landcare Group we get offered funding if we’re lucky enough to be successful in our applications, but a lot of our projects sites are quite large and taking it one as a landholder on their own is a really big undertaking.

So having the ability to offer some additional assistance, to say “if you need, we can get someone to come and help strain your fence or plant some shrubs, do some weed control, come and water over the summer, that’s a massive marketing tool for our group, and a really valuable extra service that we can provide for them.


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Teams from Landmate Beechworth and the Greta Valley Landcare Group have been working together on large scale projects since 2016 – making the most of funding to ensure that projects that would otherwise be too labour-intense have been successfully completed.

Greta Valley Landcare Group Inc. is an incorporated, not-for-profit, community group working to improve the health of their land and community. Established in 1992, they are one of the longest running Landcare Groups in North East Victoria.

The group applies for funding for projects that benefit farm productivity and the environment – including restoring waterways, fencing and revegetating along rivers and creeks, protecting and enhancing remnant vegetation such as patches of woodland or scattered paddock trees, controlling weeds and revegetation on roadsides, and creating new shelterbelts and habitat corridors.

While members and the community are key to the works, some large-scale projects have needed some extra help and that’s where Landmate Beechworth has contributed – assisting with fencing and planting of trees and shrubs.

Sally Day, Project officer with the Greta Landcare Group:

“Our members have found the teams to be helpful, courteous and friendly and it has been a pleasure to work with them on these projects.”