Ten years of planting trees to improve farmland



Video transcript – Woady Yalock

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Woady Yalock Catchment Project

Funded by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning through the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority

Transcript begins:

Description: tree plantations bordering two sides of a paddock at Woady Yalock

Helen Fagg (landowner): This plantation is approximately 10 years old, and for us it’s created a really good stock shelter belt. It’s helped us improve our pastures.

Description: Video cuts to a view of Helen standing in front of one of the tree plantations.

Helen continues: Previously it was a windswept area and very cold and wet in the winter, so it’s just added so much to the whole farm planning.

Description: aerial view of paddocks with a long narrow tree plantation and wind turbines in the background.

Helen continues: We continue to try and plant at least 1000 new trees a year, using Landmate primarily to help us plant.

Description: Photograph of a newly planted tree plantations with seedlings protected by tree guards

Helen continues: The quality of their work has been fantastic. We get very few misses.

Description: Video cuts back to Helen.

Helen continues: Graham works along side the prisoners and we get such good results that we couldn’t endorse them enough.


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