Landmate has partnered with organisations around Victoria to contribute to projects providing important environmental and community benefits. 



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Great Valley Landcare Group

A partnership that works for the local community.

Landmate planted thousands of trees and provided fencing, improving the health of the land and protecting native birds and gliders.

Video: Aerial views (from drone) of paddocks and trees in the Greta Valley.

Winton Wetlands

Landmate has supported the largest wetlands restoration project in the Southern Hemisphere.

Tree planting, watering, fencing, road repairs, rabbit control, painting, control of weeds and erosion.

Video: Aerial views of the Winton Wetlands and surrounds.

Tiverton Property Project

Making a safe zone for some of Victoria’s critically-threatened species.

Landmate helped fence a 1000 hectare refuge on one of the last areas of native grassland on the Victorian volcanic plain, allowing the safe re-introduction of native animals.

Video: Close-up views of the electrified fence at the Tiverton property.

Woady Yalock Catchment Project

Ten years of planting to improve farmland. Tree plantations protect stock and improve pastures.

Video: Close up and aerial views of tree plantations between paddocks at Woady Yalock.


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